GCMC toolkit questionnaire

Dear Colleague,

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships project The global citizenship and multilingual competences toolkit (GCMC toolkit) is seeking to understand what teachers do to include a multilingual and/or a global citizenship dimension in their regular teaching practices. Your contribution to this study would be invaluable as it helps us to understand the kinds of support educators need in order to employ multilingual and global citizenship practices in their teaching. It also helps us to appreciate the types of activities that teachers feel able to include.


Based on the study, we will offer teacher training events starting from Spring 2021. If you are interested in taking part in these events, please feel free to contact us via email at gcmc@uni-graz.at. At the end of the survey, we also offer a list of useful resources which we hope you may find valuable.


We would be very grateful if you could please answer the following short questionnaire by 30th April 2021 and share among your teacher colleagues. The questionnaire is anonymous and entirely voluntary. It should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the questionnaire, we share our project email and ask that if you would be happy to talk some more to a member of the research team about your experiences with global citizenship or multilingual practices, we would love you to contact us so we could arrange an interview at your convenience.


If you would like any further information related to the questionnaire or the project, please contact the project team at: gcmc@uni-graz.at.


Thank you in advance,


The GCMC toolkit Team


There are 20 questions in this survey.