Barriers for the implementation of Sustainable Product Development in the automotive industry

Dear participant,
the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SE and
the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Sustainable Product Management of the University of Graz, AT 
invite you to participate in a research study on barriers for the implementation of sustainable product development* in the automotive industry.
With this study we want to explore how experts from industry and academia perceive the importance of barriers we identified from literature and workshops. 
The study encompasses a pairwise comparison of 15 predefined barriers and should last no longer than 5-7 minutes
The data you will provide in this study will be treated anonymously. No personal information is being sought and we have no way of identifying individual responses.
Thank you for supporting our research with your valuable time and expertise.
Josef Schöggl, PhD
+43 316 380 7345
*Sustainable product development (SPD) stands for the consideration of socio-ecological aspects in the development of products, and is often also referred to as eco-design or design for sustainability. 


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